Social Security

Social Security Disability Claims

The Social Security Administration basically applies the same standards to every disability claim throughout the United States. If you can meet your burden of proving the following elements in your disability claim, you may be eligible to receive Social Security Disability Benefits and Medicare medical benefits (after the waiting period):

  • You are not gainfully employed;
  • You suffer from a severe physical and / or mental impairment;
  • Your impairment will last 12 continuous months or result in death;
  • Your impairment meets the criteria of the Medical Listings for that specific diagnosis / impairment (Note: If your impairment meets the Medical Listing criteria, you are presumed 100% disabled on the medical evidence alone and do not need to present vocational evidence about your residual functional capacity or ability to return to work);
  • You are not able to perform any job that you performed during the past 15 years; and,
  • You are not able to perform any work that is generally available anywhere in the United States (Note: If you are an older worker, you might be considered disabled even though you retain the Residual Functional Capacity to perform Sedentary or Light Work. If you are under age 40, you must prove that your access to all jobs in the Sedentary labor market has been significantly compromised and / or eroded due to your impairment).

I have helped many of my disabled clients recover the Social Security Disability benefits they deserve. If you would like me to review the medical evidence in your case, I will provide you with a free consultation. My attorney’s fee is contingent on recovering benefits for you and only applies to the award of retroactive disability benefits that you receive from date of onset of disability to date of favorable decision with a maximum fee capped by federal regulations. You never pay me a fee on your continuing disability benefits. Please call Rick D. Kallas for your free case evaluation today.

Social Security Disability Claims

If you are disabled from work, you may also qualify for federal Social Security Disability benefits. I have helped many of my worker’s compensation clients qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. The medical evidence is the same, but the legal standards are different.

Commitment to Service

I have represented injured workers in worker’s compensation claims before the Idaho Industrial Commission for approximately 21 years. This area of the law can be very specialized and complex. You need an attorney who knows the law and understands the medicine if you are going to recover the “sure and certain” medical benefits and income benefits promised to you by Idaho’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

The Time to Act is Now

Contact Rick D. Kallas immediately for your free case evaluation. My fee is CONTINGENT on the outcome of your case. If my efforts do not operate primarily and substantially to secure medical and / or income benefits for you, you owe me nothing. We have the experience, the skills, the knowledge and the technology to make certain that the insurance company provides you with all of the benefits that you are entitled to receive under the law.

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