Some Idahoans believe that tort reform is a good idea but are unaware that Idaho has some of the lowest caps on the recovery of damages in the nation. If you are seriously injured in Idaho, or lose a child or family member to a drunk driver or in an auto accident our legislature has severely limited recovery of compensable damages, non-economic damages to $250,000.00 as the base cap, adjusted by increase in the average annual wage as determined by the Idaho Industrial Commission. This can mean that you if you lose a loved one or a child, the value of that person’s life, according to the Idaho Legislature, is incredibly low. Idaho has limits on:

  • non-economic damages for pain and suffering (money paid to you and not a hospital or doctor).
  • limitations on punitive damages
  • restrictions on the right to sue doctors or government employees

If you have been seriously injured in an accident, we can assist you in maximizing the available damages at law. This may include additional economic damages, lost wages, future medical treatment and other calculations that insure you receive a fair settlement or verdict in Idaho. Please call us today at 208 336-1843.