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Joseph L. Ellsworth is a seasoned attorney located in Boise, Idaho with over 25 years of experience in trial practice, having represented cases in the Idaho Court of Appeals, the Idaho Supreme Court, and the Federal District Court for Idaho.

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Joseph L. Ellsworth, PLLC’s legal expertise spans across criminal law, personal injury, and civil litigation, with a special focus on probate matters and real estate. Ellsworth has a comprehensive background in personal injury cases, including wrongful death, auto accidents, drunk driving, pharmaceutical cases, and class action litigation.


Real estate issue resolved
“Joseph Ellsworth is a fantastic lawyer, knowledgeable on all legal and real estate matters. He guided us through a very long and complex real estate dispute to a good and fair resolution. Well respected in his field and community. We highly recommended him for any and all legal matters.”

– Tony, Hired Attorney

Great results from hiring Joseph Ellsworth
“I had a problem with a HOA and getting the insurance money they owed me for a flood in my condo. I went to Mr. Ellsworth and within one day of receiving a letter from him they decided to settle. He is trustworthy and right up front with your options. He gets results.”

– Teri

Business litigation Attorney
I hired Mr. Ellsworth in a complex business litigation case and he was excellent. He represented me at all stages and the end result was very profitable.

– Breana